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Front C-Hub for Ball Bearings, Tamyia M-07 M-08

This is an improved C-Hub for the Tamiya M-07 and M-08 Chassis. It will fit MF63ZZ ball bearings (not included) to eliminate the play of the original king pins. I recommend ordering in Alumide.
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7.00 € *
Before ordering please note that you are about to order a 3D-printed object.**
Dimensions: 1.7 cm × 1.9 cm × 3.6 cm
Upload date: December 17, 2019
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Realistic 3D printing not tested


To modify both sides of your car and eliminate all play, you will have to buy two of these C-Hubs, 8 ball bearings MF63ZZ (ID 3mm, OD 6mm, FD 7.3mm) and shims, 3mm x 6mm x 0.1mm, or even better 3mm x 5mm x 0.1mm.
The ball bearings are mounted instead of the original king pin bushes. To get rid of the rest of play you may need shims, because 3D printing can't be as exact as necessary.
If you still face up and down play of the steering knuckle, add shims between it an the inner ball bearings. If the steering gets tight when fastening the screws, add shims between the two ball bearings on the side that gets to tight.
If the bores to fit the ball bearings are too small, ream them with a 6 mm drill. For best results, thread the bores for the srews with a M3 (3 mm) thread cutter before mounting the srews.


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*Minimum price at default scaling factor
**The object is a 3D-printout of a 3D-model uploaded by a designer of the JOMATIK community. JOMATIK has no influence on the quality of the 3D-model file and can not guarantee any functionality. Please do not use the printed part in any way that you or another person could get harmed. For more details about our service please see our Terms and Conditions.
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