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Printing service

When will my model be delivered?

You can find an overview over our pricing and delivery conditions here.
What payment options do you offer?

A list of payment options can be found on our info page about order conditions.
What file format can I use to print my model?

We can print files in these formats: ply, stl, 3ds, 3mf, step, stp. For learning about different supported features for these file formats have a look at our Help about File Formats.
How much does it cost to print something?

That depends on the size and production method you choose, to name only two factors. You can just upload your model here and get a quote within seconds.
Where can I learn how to design a well printable 3D model?

If you want to learn how to get the best 3D print out of your model please refer to our Design Guidelines. Here you will learn what you need to know about wall thickness, detail size, clearances, warping and much more.
What materials and methods do you offer for 3D printing?

Want to learn about methods and materials? Have a look at our info pages: Info on Materials, Info on Methods.
I want to print something big. What dimensions are possible?

The possible build volume depends on your choice of material. You can find a list of offered build volumes in our Design Guidelines about bounding box size.
I want to print something beautiful. What printing method do you propose?

The laser sintering method (SLS) has a nice and fine rough finish. It looks great on bigger jewellery and art pieces as well as smartphone cases. For finer and smaller jewellery we offer parts in silver as well. For larger busts prints in acrylic powder are great. Have look at our Materials Page for more inspiration.
I want to print something that will be used. What printing method do you propose?

The extrusion method (FDM) works with durable ABS Plastic and is therefore well suited for the construction of mechanical parts. If the model includes intricate details or organic shapes then you should look at the laser sintering method, a real all-rounder. More information on materials can be found on our Materials Page. Keep in mind that you should test if a part is suitable for the purpose you want to use it for and please do not use the parts in any way where someone could get hurt. We can not guarantee for functionality of printed parts.
Do you offer 3D Scanning too?

We do not offer 3D scanning right now. If you contact us we might be able to refer you to somebody who can.

General questions for using the website

How can I contact JOMATIK?

All information about how to contact us can be found on the Contact Page. We like to hear from you!
I forgot my password! Can you help me?

Forgot your login password? No problem. Click here, fill in your user name and we will send an email to your address. Please check your email-account for this mail. (If you cannot find it, also check your spam folder.) In the email you will be requested to click on a link that will lead you to a form page where you can specify a new password. Please note that this link is only valid for 24 hours after the email was requested.

Questions about the marketplace

What file format can I use for uploading my model?

For the marketplace we support these formats: ply, stl, 3ds, 3mf, step, stp. Not all of them support color. For learning about different supported features for these formats have a look at our Help about File Formats.
How can I find an object that was uploaded by me?

You can find your objects either via the advanced search page, where you insert your username in the "user" field, or over the MyJOMATIK page by clicking on the "My Objects" link.
Why can't I find my object in the marketplace after upload?

Directly after the upload procedure is complete, we start to render the preview movie of your object. This takes a short time, usually between some seconds and a few minutes. After this is done, the object will be available in the marketplace.
I found inappropriate content. What can I do?

The rules for the use of the JOMATIK website are listed in our terms of use / AGB (for designer).

If you encounter any content that violates the (German) law or the rights of others or that breaks our rules of usage please inform us by using our contact form.

If you believe that some user's content infringes your copyrights, please read the How to proceed if content of the JOMATIK database infringes my copyrights" section and contact us as described there.

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