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Procedure on Copyright Claims

This page contains important information in case you believe that some content of the Murtfeldt Additive Solutions website infringes your copyrights. We recommend to read the text carefully and proceed as described below.

We, the Murtfeldt Additive Solutions website providers, have a strict policy about user content that infringes the copyrights of third parties. Our terms of use / AGB (for normal users and for designers) prohibit uploading any material without the consent of the respective copyright owners. Nevertheless we cannot actively control the observing of these rules for every upload.

If it comes to our attention that some content of the Murtfeldt Additive Solutions database has proven to infringe copyrights of others, we will remove this content from out webpage. Therefore it is important that you provide sufficient information about the specific violation. In particular we need to know all of the following information:

  1. The country to whose law your copyright claim refers to.
  2. The exact content you claim the right for. Please write down the full URL of the object's detail view page. (You can reach the detail view page by clicking on the objects name.)
  3. Your complete contact details.
  4. A declaration that you truly believe that the described content infringes the copyrights of you or another person that is not the user who uploaded the content. Furthermore you need to declare that you are either the actual owner of these copyrights or an authorized representative of the owner or that you are legitimate by the law in another way to take measures against the illegitimate use of the respective content.
  5. Your signature.

You can send a letter with the described information to

Murtfeldt Additive Solutions GmbH
Jopestr. 14
72072 Tübingen
Deutschland / Germany

Please make sure that your claims are really substantial. If you are not sure, ask a qualified attorney for advice. Remember that you can be made liable for false accusations and the resulting deletion of other users' data.

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